Slik Stockings


Danielle Georgiou and Hillary Holsonback make up the performance art duo, Slik Stockings.

Their work references historical, social, and political ideas concerning sex in America. The highly-sexualized performance confronts America’s fascination with sex, the media, and the female form.

"There's performance art by Dallas' most phenomenal duo, Slik Stockings, a television graveyard garden and yes, the music of 'N Sync."
- Jamie Laughlin, Dallas Observer

"Though Slik Stockings’ statement of purpose mentions their work as addressing “historical, social, and political ideas concerning sex in America,” this was imbued with so much raw emotion that it served as a potent reminder of the memories, vulnerability, and pain that informs all human decision both personal and political, and those gray areas where they meet."

The fourth wall wasn’t just breached in the performance, it was nearly smashed through, in every moment where you felt like wincing or stepping out of the way before someone smacked with remarkable velocity into an actual wall."
- Christopher Mosely, D Magazine


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